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1000's of Lease Purchase Homes
Are Available! - Starting at $1250/mo.
Priced From $130,000 - $500,000

Minimum Income of $50,000/yr. Req.
2-Months' Security Deposit Req.

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7 Steps To Buying A Home

Step One: Pre-qualification
Before you start looking for a house you should call a loan services professional.  You can use one of our recommended lenders or choose one yourself, but it makes no sense to start looking for homes until you know how much you qualify for, what your payment will be, and how much money (if any) will be needed for a down payment.

Step Two: Determine which areas you would like to live in
Metro Atlanta is comprised of several counties, cities, school districts, and subdivisions; each of which caters to a different lifestyle. Narrow your search criteria by choosing a few areas that you would like to live in.  We have also located a great link to help familiarize you with the local schools throughout the area.

Step Three: Begin your search provides different ways for you to search for your new home. Feel free to leisurely search the more than 40,000 available homes in the MLS.   We have one of the most up-to-date listing searches available in the area.  We also have Automated Listing notifications.  Simply let us know what you are looking for and each day we will automatically send you every listing that meets your criteria.  In a hurry and need to see a home immediately.....Call 770-281-8744.

Step Four: Start viewing houses
Now that you have viewed several houses online, it’s time to go have some fun.  Give us a call at  770-281-8744 to request a showing of your favorite houses.  We will then schedule you for a time that is convenient for you, make all necessary courtesy calls to the listing agents and occupants (if the property is occupied), and verify there are no last minute changes that would effect the showing status of the property.

Step Five: Time to make an offer
Found a house you like.  We walk you through the buying process and help you get your home at the best possible price.  Before making your offer, we thoroughly research other recently sold homes in the area and gather as much information about the seller's motivation as possible.  Once all offer terms are agreed on by both you and the seller, your Earnest Money Deposit is required.  Earnest Money normally depends on the price of the house and starts at $500.  A good rule for earnest money is expect to pay 1% of the purchase price as your deposit.

Step Six: Due Diligence
Once the Purchase Agreement is completed and signed, all parties are bound by strict timelines.  These timelines pertain to the inspection and appraisal periods, allotted days to receive full loan approval, and deadlines for repairs and surveys (if any) to be complete.  This is where the majority of your agent’s work comes in.  We at LaGrone International work diligently to make sure that everything remains on task and that all contractual obligations are met within their designated time periods.

Step Seven: Closing
Once your loan is fully approved and all contractual obilgations are met by you and the seller, you go to "Closing".  Closing is where your new home's ownership is transferred from the seller to you.  At this time you will also sign all lender required documents.  Once signing is complete, you are handed the keys!  Welcome Home....YOU DESERVE IT! 

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