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Not Quite Ready To Buy?
1000's of Lease Purchase Homes
Are Available! - Starting at $1250/mo.
Priced From $130,000 - $500,000

Minimum Income of $50,000/yr. Req.
2-Months' Security Deposit Req.

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FREE Appraisal or Home Inspection!

Use our services to purchase or sell your home and receive a Free Appraisal or Home Inspection....You Choose! (Up to a $400 Value)

Sellers - this certificate can also be offered to potential buyers as a buying incentive and is a great way to set your listing apart from others in your area!

Terms and Conditions:
• Certificate expires 12-months from the issue date
 Minimum home purchase price must be at least $100,000
 Certificate must be presented prior to signing a Purchase Agreement
 Limit 1 certificate per household
 Limit 1 certificate per transaction
 LaGrone International Realty must represent the receiving party in the real estate transaction
 Appraisal or Inspection Fee will only be paid if the real estate transaction closes

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